Lulu and Gaby are two little brothers. These cats are always chic, modern, fun and in a good mood! They love travelling and meeting new friends. You can already discover his wisdom owl friends the "Koukouva" coming from Greece, the home place of Lulu and Gaby.

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Gaby the cat loves singing and reading books. He is 30 cm tall. Gaby is hand made and his face is pa..

Coral koukouva

Coral Koukouva loves cooking and making barbecues for friends. Lately he discovered his new talent: ..

Green koukouva

 Green Koukouva loves gardening and cutting the grass. He is also a great singer and plays in a..

Yellow koukouva

Yellow Koukouva loves telling stories and is always the last one to go to sleep. Owl of height of 25..

Flat sheep

Little flat sheep to cudle. It fits everywhere to go everywhere!!  ..
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